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“Truly magical… a fresh, new fantasy story that beautifully blends historical and detailed mythology in an inventive way.”


Lucinda, Surrey


“I LOVED this book! It was very well written, so much so that it was hard to put down. The characters, the Gods, and the politics were all very fascinating.”




“The characters intrigued me, the scenery was well described and the adventure was riveting. It is a fast paced read with lots of detail. I loved the ending and can't wait to see what happens to Pallas and Othello next.”


Jo-Anne, Ontario


“A school board member in Morgan County with a burning ambition to promote youth literacy and -- in particular -- female empowerment.”


“The Patriot” Warner Robins


“The author puts her own spin on mythology which I really liked. I loved Pallas as the main female lead. She is a very stubborn free spirited young girl who I can see becoming a very strong character. She made me laugh in several bits with her stubbornness. Also loved Othello the very sarcastic cat sidekick you are never sure what is real intentions are.”


Natalie, Kent


“Belton's inspiration comes from many sources, such as Aldous Huxley, Lewis Carroll, TS Elliot and, of course, Shakespeare. Othello, the cat was borrowed from the Cheshire cat in “Alice in Wonderland.”


Belton literally strolled through the blossoms which caught Persephone’s eye, retraced the journeys of Odysseus, and watched Typhon spit fire in the Sicilian sky.”


“Morgan County Citizen”


"The Gods Among Us is the first foray into the world of the Divine Masquerade, a realm that blends the majesty of Greek and Roman mythology with the drama and intrigue of a masque ball. Pallas lives in a world in which she must learn to balance her allegiances with noble houses while keeping up a delicate façade to conceal her true identity. At the same time, she must learn what it means to be a friend and an ally, discovering and facing her true feelings and inner demons while keeping them a secret from everyone around her.


One of the joys of this story is that while it is fundamentally a work of science fiction, technology never overwhelms the story with coldness or alienation. Instead, it highlights the inherent artifice of the world in which Pallas finds herself and emphasizes how authentic her inner sojourns are in contrast. The Prologue seems to indicate where the true heart of this story (and in all likelihood of its subsequent installments) lies: in a celebration of life, a discovery of the beauty of authentic and powerful femininity, and a courageous exploration of the struggles involved with self-discovery... with a frolicsome spirit of adventure and drama throughout!”




“The book, for ages 10 to 16, is the first in a series of six about a girl and her cat at odds with mythological gods. The title is taken from the writings of Marcus Aurelius, a Roman Emperor.”


“Macon Telegraph”


THE GODS AMONG US was entertaining and divine like its sub-title. I was really caught in the twist and turns of fiction created by the author D.C. Belton.”




“What can I say about this book? I really enjoyed it!


My main concern was if I would be able to follow the complexities of Gods and Godesses, which I wondered about from the table at the start of the book! Thankfully the book is so well written I found myself picking everything up as we went along without having to use the guide.


I got completely caught up with the drama and enjoyed getting to know all the characters. As well as the overall plot of Pallas VS the Gods, there were lots of other plots to capture the attention and I'm eager to read more.... What’s the deal with Othello…is he a spy? What will happen between Pallas and Oliver?


I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good read. The style flowed really well and I say the book just keeps pulling you in with different dramas and curiosities as you go along.”


Emma, Scotland


“There were so many quotes from this book that I found to be so beautiful and poetic and have really stayed with me even after finishing reading. I absolutely flew through this book, hooked on the action and wanting to find out how Pallas gets herself out of the situations she finds herself in.”




“It was wonderful to see the smart, curious and rebellious character of Pallas get swept into a world where she could learn new information and see the hidden magic/technology of the ‘Gods’.”




“This book is fantastic! People who enjoy reading books about mythology are sure to love this one of a kind book.”




“This book was AWESOME! It's a great YA adventure book for girls. I raced through the book as fast as I could.”




“This book is so good!”




“Pallas is like any frustrating/frustrated teen. She knows everything and nothing. She doesn't want any help and has no idea what she's doing. When she meets Othello, her talking tutor of a cat, her life takes a big 180 and the adventure begins.


I thought the writing was well done and drew me into the story. At the end, you are looking forward to book two! This is written for young adults, however I think readers of all ages will enjoy it.”




“I was rewarded with an adventure unlike no other, that I've read to date. The characters are hard to understand at first, at least to me, but as you read further on, things become much clearer.


I love Pallas and her innocence, Othello I'm still in limbo over. Read the book and find out why. I do hope to find some type of romance between Pallas and Oliver, as I really like him.


Overall, I enjoyed this book and didn't want to put it down. I can't wait to read the next book titled Whom the Gods Destroy.”




“Pallas had me remembering my stubborn teenage years, giggling away at the resemblances. She is a typical teenage girl wanting to do everything on her own with no help from others.”




“The author has done an excellent job creating another world that envelopes the reader and makes them feel as if they are part of the story.”




“Pallas is a perfect character!”




“A great read.”




“This book was really awesome. I love that the main character is not just a girl - she's a real girl. She doesn't exactly fit in with the popular girls, but instead she has a brain in her head. She's tough, but not like the ridiculous girls you usually read about in fantasy and sci-fy novels who are either really slutty or have no emotions whatsoever and go around ripping people's throats out with their teeth. Plus it makes a lot of really neat references to things from mythology and literature, which I personally love because I feel like most authors who write to teenage girls talk down as if we were a bunch of yammering nitwits. It's got a lot going on, and the end is a KILLER cliff hanger!!!! I can't wait for the sequel...Literally, if you're looking for a way to fill the void that Harry Potter has left in your hearts, this is it. All of my friends are reading it now and LOVE it so far. I'd recommend it to any girl who has a brain in there head. Seriously, great book.”


Philly Girl


“Wow! Really surprising! Packs a lot of punch without being bossy.


I really like her inner voice. Pallas is searching for her sense of self - who she really is. Really relatable, cause what 15 year old girl isn't searching?


The cat is cool, but so is Pallas. Smart without being geeky. The dolphins are awesome. I can almost hear them singing "This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius" as she's riding into the town.”


OKU Chick


“I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading the next one in the series. The Gods Among Us speaks of the different gods and goddesses and follows the adventures of Pallas a young slave.


Pallas lost her mother to the sea when she was younger and she blames Aegeia (goddess of the sea) for it. On her 16th birthday she is strolling on the beach wishing to escape when she sees something floating in the sea. She decides to swim out to see what it is and her life is never the same. She makes it to the egg as she calls it and climbs in with the help of some dolphins. There she meets a cat named Othello who is able to talk.


Othello and Pallas have many adventures in this book and encounter many dangers including Pallas almost becoming a sacrifice and later is believed to be the one to fulfill a prophecy "The Age of Aquarius". The book leaves you waiting for the next installment of The Divine Masquerade series called Whom the Gods Destroy.


Overall I enjoyed the plot and the characters. I wish we had been able to meet the father of Pallas. Also maybe in the second book we will find out more about Pallas's mother? I hope to see a little romance blossom in the next one also. I like the cover on this book. I liked how the book ended. It left you ready for the next book but it did not leave this book unfinished either.”


Rachel, Australia


“I loved the book and can't wait to read the second book "Whom the Gods Destroyed". A must read book for lovers of Greek mythology.”




“Pallas is an amazingly well developed character and I can’t wait to see her develop more in the next book. The mythology in the book is really interesting, it made me want to look more into it. The author must have done tons of research.”




“This is an exciting fantasy story full of clever wit and contrasting characters. The plot is filled with energy and interesting twists - to me like a combination of many doctrines spliced together to shape a new world which has been brilliantly depicted. The complexity of characters (including the gods and animals) and their relationship to the main teenage character, Pallas, adds thrill and adventure to this story. Both younger and mature readers alike will enjoy this vibrant read. The story is written in first person giving it a personal an involved here-now feeling. I am looking forward to the next book in the series.”




“The characters were wonderful and very different from each other, but mostly they could have been real. You could tell that each character probably has their own back story.”




“As a huge fan of mythology, I am probably a little biased towards this book. Basically, any good use of mythology in a book automatically rates highly in my head. It's just a factor that I love exploring, and The Gods Among Us explores it perfectly.”




“I could not put the book down. I only decided to stop when I have to go to school. I found myself craving to finish the book, only to find out that I have already finished the book. I will be waiting for more of Pallas' adventures! :)”




“I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading the next one in the series.”




“The Gods Among Us” is a real page turner and a fun read. More importantly, it is a work of art.


The target audience seems to be teenage girls. But the book will appeal to anyone who appreciates character development, plot and cadence in a piece of literature. The book stores are full of cookie cutter, formulaic adventure stories. This book is for anyone who wants an escape from the insipid and mundane.”




“I'm typically not a fan of the way that Gods and Goddesses are portrayed in books, but The Gods Among Us completely sold me.”




“This book’s a great read with an interesting story line and finish. Loved the characters. Looking forward to its sequel.”




“A really fun read! Sad, exciting, and surprisingly triumphant…Pallas is a heroine I can relate to. She’s very real, with an impish wit that’s both biting and soulful. And the cat is HILARIOUS! He’s says exactly what you’re cat at home would say if he could talk and tell what he REALLY thinks.


Hints of mythology, but it doesn’t overwhelm you. Kinda reminds you of the cool stories you heard in school without worrying about all the others.


The characters are amazing, especially Elena who comes in about halfway through the book. You can tell she’s gonna be real important in the next book. Easy to read, with a poetic flair that is really quite beautiful.


Not a shoot-em-up story and no vampires. If you want that, better look somewhere else. If you want an adventure you can actually believe, check out this book.”