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Why Pallas?


Girls deserve to be girls. They have the right to celebrate their female adventure.


The Divine Masquerade is a story about girls. It explores the journeys of two conflicted teens – a princess and a slave – as they struggle with loss and secret insecurities.


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The heroine is based on Pallas Athena. The most courageous Olympian, Athena never lost a fight; besting many male gods including Ares, Hephaestus…even Poseidon.


In the War against the Titans, Athena was one of only four gods to cast these Immortals into Tartarus.


(Athena hurls the Titans into Tartarus)


When Typhon the Terrible attacked Olympus, all the gods (including Zeus) fled to Egypt, turning themselves into animals to hide. The Constellation “Pisces” records this event (they were the mother and son duo of Aphrodite and Eros.)


Not Athena. She stood alone, protecting Olympus from the world’s most fearsome monster. Shamed by his daughter, Zeus finally came back to help her.


(Athena defeating Ares, held by Aphrodite)


Athena was also the only Olympian to stand her ground during the Giant’s Revolt. Only after his wife, Hera, was about to be carried off by a Giant, did Zeus rally to help her. Athena threw the island of Sicily on a foe, and then hurled Draco the Dragon into the stars, coiling him around the North Star. She was thereafter called “giant killer” by her fellow Olympians.

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Athena was famous for her kindness and her wisdom, helping more heroes than any other Immortal. When Prometheus created man out of clay, it was Athena who breathed life into him, and then gave him knowledge.


(Breathing knowledge into man after Prometheus creates him)


Athena was very feminine, teaching humanity all the “womanly arts” such as cooking, weaving and spinning. She clothed the very first woman, Pandora, so beautifully that she was “not to be withstood by mortal men.” She also invented the flute, the trumpet, the cooking pot, the plough, the bridle, the chariot, the ship, and math…all without a man at her side. First in peace and first in war, she was the only god Zeus trusted to handle his thunderbolts.


So…can girls have courage, wisdom, and strength, and still be uniquely female?

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