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Belles Beaux & Gifts is openPallas is a lonely teen from a backwater village on a forgotten shore. Born a slave like everyone around her people hate her clothes, her parents…especially her strange name.


Pallas doesn’t believe in the gods except to peevishly blame them for drowning her mother. But she’s forced to shelve her moody cynicism when she accidentally rescues an obnoxious cat.


Suddenly caught in a celestial war, Pallas must do the unthinkable – champion the very goddess she hates. Masquerading as a mythic princess, she convinces everyone she’s a child of Atlantis.


But nothing can save her from certain doom, when the Volcano god reaches out to slay her. For how can a mortal fight a god?


D.C. Belton creates an emotional world as elegant as it is deadly: where mortals fall prey to passionate gods and a slave proves stronger than craven nobility.





Whom The Gods May DestroyIs she the Dawning of the Age of the Aquarians or a deceitful pretender?
A daughter of Atlantis or a wicked witch?


The teen who doesn’t the difference between eyeliner and blush
is thrust into the arena of jealous nobility.
Battling a deadly prince and her own unwanted fame,
she’s sentenced to the scorn of a ruthless school.
Her every word is scrutinized. Her every encounter is fraught with peril,
as she learns a wonderful, yet horrible secret…
…the truth about her mother.


The conniving cat,
architect of the labyrinth of lies she’s trapped in,
suddenly abandons her
just as the Volcano god reaches out to slay her.









The City of GodBorn a slave, she masqueraded as a princess.
Pretending to be a myth, she somehow became a God.


Othello’s prophecy actually came true.
She really is an Atlantian.


But what of the mortals she left behind?
Who will rescue Elena?


Pallas reaches a happy zenith when she goes to live with her divine kin.
But she also faces terrible choices.
Can a mortal really live as a God…or will heaven slowly destroy her?